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Sunny (Hai nan) International

Logistics Co., Ltd.

Mobile Phone:13337523105/18019967807

Office Phone:0898-86669019

Address: No. 155, Commercial Building, Linjie, Military Section, Haishu South Road, Wuzhishan City

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Corporate Culture

Business concept


Safe, hardworking, environmental, civilized, innovative, and win-win 

Business policy


Quality is the foundation of the Companys survival. Safety is the footstone for its operation. The Company strictly follows the rules and regulations, makes further efforts in management, implementation and performance, and improves its service quality comprehensively. 

Maintain the spirit of special force and the style of special troops; gain the essentials of “working attitude, method, and skills”; a clean and tidy working environment is one of the Company’s profit sources. 

Business philosophy


Company Culture